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Vol. 7, No. 3 - August 19, 2009

FLG Publishes Looking Glass River Guide

The Friends of the Looking Glass (FLG) organization has published a 24-page, laminated and spiral bound Rivertrail Guide that contains historical information, color photos on the river and maps and information on six optional river trips of varying lengths.  Starting upstream from Babcock Landing on the east and running downstream to Portland on the west, the rivertrail guide is intended for canoe, kayak and tube float trips. Inspired by the Michigan Heritage Watertrail Initiative, FLG President Gloria Miller designed and drafted the guide; Doreen Fritz, DeWitt Schools Librarian provided the typography, and Gary Fritz and John Switzer from the Clinton Conservation District supplied the electronic layout and the maps, respectively.  Miller said: "It's been a great summer for paddlers on the Looking Glass due to the exceptional water volume in the river all year long -- we got dozens of inquiries for the rivertrail guide before it even went to press."  She added: "It's a true guidebook -- it's laminated with heavy plastic so it's water proof and intended to be put right in the kayak or canoes and taken along on float trips."  Proceeds go to FLG's general fund to help support the group's work.  FLG sponsors two regional educational events each year, clears logjams and trash from the river, conducts water sampling and aquatic studies with school children, and promotes stewardship and safe, recreational use of the Looking Glass River.  The guides are available for $10 and can be purchased at Harlow's Canoe Livery and the Wacousta General Store in Wacousta, at Sam's Kitchen in DeWitt and from any FLG board member.  Find them and FLG activities by visiting


Bob Bishop
FLG Communications Dir.